Green Energy My Pionts of View

Topics: Wind farm, Wind turbine, Wind power Pages: 1 (349 words) Published: June 2, 2013
Green Energy-My Points of view

I have made my decision and I am for the development of the wind farm by each group. I am for the development for the following reasons. The first one is that wind is free and avalible for every one to use. Wind frams do not cause give any green house gases it is good for the enviroment and if Britian had lots of wind farms we wouldn’t have to use fossil fuels. Also if we use less fossil fuels that means that all the digging and mining for coal, oil and gas can be stop and the environmet ,the north and south pole will not be destroyed. Plus the turobines only take up a small amount of land unlike the coal powerd thermal power stations. Another reason is that the people can get jobs by making the turobines. There a lot of unemployed people in Britian and they could get the jobs. Bussiness will then get better for the company who want to make the wind farm. One last reason is that remote areas that are not connected to the electricity power grid can use wind turbines to produce their own supply. If you live in the counrty side you can get enery from the wind turobines. Even less pollution will happen. The groups that will agree with my decision are the Keyville business people and wind energy developers. Keyville buisness people think that their buisness will be greater because the transport that get the supplys to make the turobines will make traffic so the people in the cars would want to buy something from the shops. The workers that will make the turobines will get hungry so small buisness like a hot dog stand will have more profits and their buisness will get better. Wind energy developers will agree because they belive that the wind fram is much better and cleaner way to get energy rather than the thermal power stations. They belive that once the wind turbine is built the energy it produces does not cause green house gases.
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