Green Energy

Topics: Renewable energy, World energy resources and consumption, Wind power Pages: 3 (937 words) Published: April 19, 2007
In the environment there are many concerns on how to make this a better place to live. One of the biggest issues is our energy and power sources. Green energy is a term used for sources of power and energy that are environmentally friendly. Basically this includes anything that is renewable energy. Renewable energy is considered energy that is constantly being replaced such as wood, vegetable matter, and trash. Green energy's main focus is to use sources that can cut down on pollution. Some of these sources of power and energy are Biomass energy, geothermal energy, hydropower, nuclear energy, solar energy, wind energy and tidal energy. People hope that these will help use more natural sources to produce energy. In several countries you can arrange to buy green electricity. This option does come with a higher cost. Even though this sounds really easy many people are skeptical about these renewable energy sources.

Here are a renewable energy sources:
Biomass Energy- Changing farming wastes, grasses, trees, bark, and even trash into energy by burning it, changing it to gas, or converting it to liquid fuel. You use this energy without even realizing it sometimes. Say you went on a camping trip and you go to build a fire well you have just used biomass energy. Because it plants and trees depend on sunlight to grow, biomass energy is a form of stored energy. Wood is not the only thing that can be used in biomass energy other sources can be corn or waste. One of the most important aspects of this energy is the fact that it can be burned into a liquid which gives us good news for the future because we can use this in transportation. This is very important because one-third of our nation's energy is used for transportation. Geothermal Energy- This is energy that comes from the heat under the earth's surface. This would mean we would need to drill holes in the earth to reach the molten rock.There are places in the United States where gyser naturally. Basically this...
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