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Green Earth

By ashishgarg1 Aug 18, 2010 290 Words

In India, Mother Earth –Bhoomatha is considered sacred.We worship our Mother Earth and therefore it should be well conserved and protected.Mother Earth is a home to all living beings,we don’t litter our home,then why do we litter our earth?.

There is nothing called waste in this universe.It is a misplaced resource,taking the example from the nature itself-the trees absorb all the nutrients from the mother earth and shed their leaves back to the nature.These leaves acts as a soil cover and the nutrients are back to the mother earth after they decompose.

The different kinds of waste which are produced in our campus are waste from kitchen,hostels,buildings and houses.These include food waste,paper waste and plastic waste,etc.

The waste management process taking place in Amrita campus is through manual segregation.Manual segregation is a tedious and hazardous job.The workers manually separate the paper waste mixed with the food waste and plastic waste.Hence the soil paper cannot be recycled making it useless.If plastic is not disposed properly,it may take up to 200 years completely.The workers are prone to many diseases and health risk.

By this present waste management system a lot of recyclable items are being lost and is becoming useless. The recycled things can be used again. The main problem faced is the manual segregation. The possible way to encounter this problem is by separation at the source itself. This can be implemented by introducing colour coded dustbins. By this method recycling work is made easy and it ensures more safety to the workers.

Lets join hands to make a model community which is entirely clean and green.

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