Green Computing Research Project

Topics: Computer, Greenhouse gas, Energy conservation Pages: 4 (1510 words) Published: July 22, 2012
Green Computing Research Project: Project Integration Management Robin Lueck
American Sentinel University
Project and Change Management
IS 550
Dr. Kathleen Hargiss
June 24, 2012

Green Computing Research Project: Project Integration Management According to the Green Computing Initiative, Eco Friendly Green Computing is the “study and practice of the design, development, implementation, utilization and disposal of sustainable information technology infrastructure efficiently and effectively with low or zero impact on the environment whilst reducing operating costs” (Green Computing Initiative [GCI], n.d., p. 1). Businesses have access to many resources to become involved with green computing by utilizing energy efficient power management, recycling and managing waste of computer systems and utilizing green data centers (GreenBiz Group, 2011). Corporations such as IBM, Microsoft, HP, Google, Dell, NIKE and others are leading the way to green computing by increasing efficiency with data centers, disposing of waste and recycling, telecommuting, the virtualization of servers, thin client solutions, use of open source software, and the development of new software to aid in environmental savings. More and more data centers are being built around the world to house an increasing amount of data servers and networking devices. Google has taken initiative to develop innovative data centers that use half of the amount of energy than other data centers. Google incorporates best practices including measuring performance by using the Power Usage Efficiency rating (PUE), optimizing air flow, and turning up the thermostat. Google decreased energy usage in their facilities from 1.4 to 0.5 per watt of information technology (IT) computer energy and boasts a return of investment (ROI) of $42,000 per year with an energy savings of more than 670MWh (Google, 2011). Recycling and the responsible disposal of waste are other issues addressed with green...

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