Green Chemistry

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Oxygen, Global warming Pages: 4 (1135 words) Published: November 3, 2014
Green Chemistry

This new concept known as “Green Chemistry” is an idea that started and was introduced in regulatory and business communities. This is the basis of developing pollution prevention actions. Harm to the humans and our own planet has been taken a hit on by a couple of issues. These issues have came from us trying to improve medicine, commercial products, and crop protection. We don’t realize the damage these sort of things can do. We try to ignore a lot of these issues, but unfortunately, the three listed could not be disregarded because of the massive-term negative effect it has had. The contamination that goes into the natural environment which causes dramatic change, known as pollution, has gagged many of the world’s waterways. Pollution has also caused acid rain. Acid rain can have a harmful effect on infostructure, animals, and even plants. Scientists measured a wide number of holes in the earth’s ozone layer. Surprisingly, even human cancer and some different adverse human and environmental health issues have been linked to some of the same chemicals that come from crop protection, commercial products, and medicine. I think green chemistry is very important. We need to help make new innovative and efficient sound chemical products, that are environmentally friendly. Then, we need to train are new 21st century chemists with these skills. "The prospect of sharing ideas with others and learning how we might further introduce green chemistry into the curriculum at Widener is one of the most appealing things to me about signing the commitment," (Dr. Loyd Bastin), said by an associate professor and chair of chemistry at Widener. "There is no perfect 'green' experiment, so we are always working to improve our laboratory experiments" (Bastin). Colleges around the US have been starting to study the green chemistry commintient. Colleges are promising that hopefully all chemistry majors, approaching graduation, have successful proficiency in the...
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