Green Chemistry

Topics: Chemical reaction, Environment, Chemistry, Environmentalism, Pollution, Natural environment / Pages: 3 (735 words) / Published: Apr 12th, 2005
If We Had Known About Green Chemistry In 1951, How Would Things Be Different Today?

Green Chemistry is the making of chemical products that reduces or eliminates the use and production of hazardous substances in the designing, making, and use of chemical products. It involves the designing and re-designing of chemical creation and chemical products to prevent pollution which will therefore solve environmental problems. Green Chemistry is environmentally safe and has very little side effects on human health and the environment.

Not many people know about Green Chemistry. Yet if we had know about Green Chemistry back around 1951, when the world began to develop it's industries - such as farming, after World War II we wouldn't now be battling things such as damage to the ozone layer, diseases and harm to the environment, caused by chemical pesticides and dumping of chemicals into our oceans and other waterways.

Not enough people realise the importance of chemicals and green chemistry in everyday life. Most people think of chemicals as poisonous pesticides and or pollution. But it's not. Chemicals can be used to help the environment.

If we had known about Green Chemistry earlier many people could have been saved from diseases that were caused by chemical pollution. For example Asbestos is a chemical product used in buildings and trains. It has a hazardous effect on human health. Very fine dust particles break out of Asbestos products and when breathed in, enters and poisons the lungs, causing lung cancer and difficult breathing.

Another example is the use of chemical pesticides on crops. Especially after the World War II, when countries needed to regain economic stability. The farming industry used chemical pesticides and fertilisers to bulk up their crops. Chemical pesticides may be effective for only a couple of years. After that the weeds insects and other pests develop immunity to that particular chemical. Also the way that most farmers apply their

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