Green Business

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Green business will assist recycling, renewable energy, energy efficiency, water conservation, green building, environmental clean up, or other Green Project.  Nowadays, more human concern over pollution and global warming, climate patterns and shifting resources, therefore, many businesses are making an effort to go "green" by implement the sustainable products in an ecological, economic and social context. Hoffman, 2000 said that global warming is the best issue for the environment that from conservation, water shortage and used of energy. Business more aware to this issue and make an actions of environmentally-friendly manner to handle the problem. Either services or goods business will be more aware about green business such as Sun Sui Hotel in Melaka and Barkay’s Sport Attire. Based on interview and questionnaire given to both company, both of this business come from different kind of business but still aware about the green business such as for cloths they choose green products and for hotel they practice recycle for their building. “Long- term benefits will get from the business that anticipated in an environmentally responsible manner”. ( Videen G., 2010). This means that the tangible and intangible benefits of environmentally-friendly actions may exactly equal the costs of pursuing these initiatives. There is also something to be said about the possible insurance effect of being green. Having strong goodwill built up in the environmental community can be very beneficial when a crisis does occur

Interview with Sun Sui Hotel’s Manager
1) Do you think that business should be “green” or “sustainable”? Why? * For my suggestion, business should be green or sustainable because nowadays many pollution come from any business that harm the land such as water and air pollution. As manager in Sun Sui hotel, I really take serious of pollution that comes from my hotel such as water pollution. I suggest to my staff for recycled back...
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