Green Banking and Its Sustainability

Topics: Bank, Environmentalism, Environment Pages: 4 (1454 words) Published: September 3, 2011
“ The supreme reality of our time is…..the vulnerability of our planet “ -John.F.Kennedy

Climate change is perhaps the most controversial and complicated issue facing the world. The world has seen much focus on economic progress and mankind has made gaint steps in its journey through time. The side effects of the development process have however also been equally enormous – loss of bio-diversity, environmental damage etc. The warming effect of certain man made gas emissions such as carbon-di-oxide, methane, nitrous oxide and hydro fluoro carbons are found responsible for distortion in climate change. As environmental issues gain greater attention, pressure is placed on all industries including financial services to implement green initiatives. There is a growing awareness amoung banks and financial institutions to protect the environment and thereby to save the mother planet. As Banks are responsible corporate citizens they believe that every small green step taken today would go a long way in building a greener future. Banks are committing funds on a sustainable basis in responsible banking. They are shifting forward from profit to people and now more importantly, to create a better future for all. INTRO TO GREEN BANKING

A Green Bank is a bank that promotes environmental and social responsibility but operates as a traditional community bank and provides excellent services to investors and clients. Its progressive approach to the community and the earth sets it apart from other banks. Green Banking is a general term which can cover a multitude of areas from a bank being environmentally friendly to how and also where their money is invested. It is not just another corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity. Green Banking which considers all the social and environmental factors is also called ethical banking. Ethical banks are started with the aim of protecting the environment. Green banking, compared to normal banking gives more weight to...
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