Green Areas and Parks

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It is obvious that green areas and parks have enormous effects on the community or people who live in that neighborhood. Green spaces and parks help the children to have a playing area around the community which brings more comfort. Green spaces and parks beautify the community, create a pleasant environment for the people and protect the natural environment. The aim of this article is to investigate the effects of green areas and parks on people in Nicosia considering its influence on the psychology of the community in the residential areas. This research design is a qualitative research. Case studies will be used to show how green spaces and parks affect the psychological of the community and its environment at large and what benefits it has on the community. Interviews and mapping techniques will also be used in different areas where green spaces and parks are in the Nicosia. Data will be collected from literature sources books, journals. Photographs will be used also for existing green areas and parks in Nicosia .This research study will provide a guide in urban design and the use of green spaces and parks in communities and cities.

Keywords: Green spaces, Parks, Nicosia


In the world today green spaces and parks are part of our daily life; they affect our moods and behaviors psychological and create another environment for us. Green spaces and parks are the backbone of sustainable and high quality urban environment. They provide places for recreation, leisure and entertainment and they have positive effects on community health. They create suitable environment for various plants and animals as well. Moreover green spaces and parks are necessary to have better climatic conditions. From past researches green spaces and parks have effectively reduced the high rate of obesity in a community. Schroeder (1991) shows that a community with vegetation and water surroundings (natural environment) helps the mind to feel relaxed and stress less than a place with no vegetation. From (Kaplan, 1983) parks in an environment helps provide the community with a sense of peacefulness and enriches the city dwellers .Green areas and parks provide a pleasant environment for the community which distracts them from the chaos community.

* Problem Definition
Green spaces and parks are essential in a community in general, the main essence of this article is to analyze the effects of green spaces and parks in residential areas in Nicosia showing how it psychological effects the human being and the community at large.

* Aims and Objectives of the Study
Green spaces and parks are areas where people relax with their family or friends it creates a cool and fresh environment for the community. The design of some parks welcome people to stay around the area because of the beauty of the parks or the way it was the design which is pleasant. The main aim is to show how green spaces and parks effect the residential areas in Nicosia and the objectives are:

* To identify green spaces and parks in a residential area * To examine how green spaces and parks effect the human and the community * To discuss and evaluate maintenance and management of green spaces and parks

* Methodology of the Study
This article is based on how green spaces and parks affect a community. In this article both the qualitative and quantitative methods will be adopted, mapping of the green area and parks, pictorial and chart analyses will be used, and questionnaires will be distributed to areas with and without green spaces to see how effective green spaces are to a community, the retrieved data would be quantitatively analyzed and processed using SPSS 12.0 for windows. ,

* Scope of the Study
The scope of this study will cover definition of terms such as green spaces, parks and other related terms. This article covers how green spaces and parks can be effectively used, managed and created for a community which...

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Urban Parks Forum
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