Greek Women

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Dana Jagarnauth
HUM 2220
Dec. 13,2012
Roles of women in Greece and America

We Americans view our modern culture very differently than the way we view ancient times in Greece. The roles of women in American society are seen as independent, intellectual and religious. In Greece women were dependent on men, had very little influence in power and were also very religious. Women from Greece had emotional power over men in ancient times while we also have persuasive power over our men in our country. Although there are many differences between these two time frames; they meet along the line of religion and beliefs and the duties that are fulfilled as being a female. Women in an American culture rely on their education which provides them a life of their own. Women have fought for their independence and rights. Freedom and equal rights to men were important aspects that modern society has given to women because it is what we have earned through knowledge and education. Modern women see themselves as powerful as men, and believe that independence is a birthright. “A person would think that such a situation would be hard to find, but again… in that respect…. it seems very much that he was/is correct. The modern American female doesn’t seem to have the capacity to exist beyond some type of ‘programming’ and in that is really quite susceptible to manipulation… even and especially in those extremes. As if they are more than pleased to play the part of the ‘dupe.’ Finding perhaps a comfort in having a readymade scapegoat and excuse to not address those issues which are very much human concern within basic decision making,'' quoted by David A archer relates well to the thought of American women can go beyond their reach of learning if they wanted to pursue to extremes. Unlike women from America, Greece women are born with intuition. Their surroundings teach them common sense. They experience more from the world unlike Americans who are thought how to experience. Americans have opportunities to withhold experience by traveling. Traveling was forbidden for Greece females. I personally think women from Greece always went with their best instincts on life to survive and what they were brought up to understand. Women in American have the option to learn or to just accept. Greece women had a chance to think with clarity because they were so determine to learn new things throughout their life. Aristotle once said :” A man is by nature superior to the female and so men should rule and women should be ruled”. Women in Greece were controlled by men. They relied on them and were empowered by them. They had no political rights like men. They were known to dominate “home life “.Most women were seen as slaved based. They were also seen as just an impregnation and used by men to carry on the generation. Women continued on this way because it was the society they were brought into. Greek young girl got married in their teens, often to a man in his 30's .It was important for these young girls to be virgins. After a girl got married she became a woman and she and her husband would give offerings to the gods. Her father would choose her husband- for most Athenians; marriage was basically living together with the husband’s parents. Marriage may have been arranged from a very early age, if the daughter came from a wealthy family to a male from a wealthy family. The ancient Greek girl did not know or meet her husband until the dowry (the girl's portion of the father's estate) and betrothal had been agreed to been paid for. These traditions are still carried out in some countries. For Greek women, it was so much of a problem because is seen as the final step of womanhood to become married and have a family of their own to raise. These traditions were rarely objected and probably were looked forward to by these Athenian women. Unlike women in Greece; American...

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