Greek Mythology: Influences and Effect to Greek Civilization

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“Mythos”- a Greek word meaning “tale” and the origin of the word mythology; according to the dictionary mythology means, a traditional story aiming to explain the meaning of things concerning deities and demigods.

Greek Mythology has been known to be one of the footprints left by the civilization of ancient Greece to our history and these mythology somehow shed a light to the culture, life style, religion and history of ancient Greece since the mythology were the primary basis of the origin of the ancient Greeks and they believed that these mythologies explained the origin of why things turned out to be like that.

The Mediterranean served as a basin for the early civilizations. The rich history of the Mediterranean led the world to change its views and led to the enlightenment of the world to the principles of life especially during the time of the classical civilization of the Greeks and the Romans. The impacts left by Greece to the world was mostly through its mythology and during the time of ancient Greece, Greek mythology also influenced the life style and religion of the Greeks, especially because Greek mythology served as the primary basis of Greek belief it became the nearest thing the Greeks have to a holy bible. These mythologies served as one of the center of Greek life and these mythologies served as their basis for their life and in turn the mythologies shaped the very fabric of the Greek life style, culture, religion that we know today.

The author intends to study in this paper the history of Ancient Greece that has influenced Greek Mythology and in turn it changed and influenced the religion and life style of the Greeks.

Chapter II
Pre-greek inhabitants
The word mythology started with the Greek word mythos, meaning “tale” or “speech”. Truly, mythology is a story of how things started to be such as how man was created, and how the gods influenced the growth of all living things, like how the season change and why the crops wither during winter and come back during spring (Morford, 2009; Macaraeg, 2012). Greek mythology was not only about the origin of things but it also included dramas, tragedies, romance, imagination and epics. These mythologies may look like works of literary geniuses; however, these are just products of man’s search for knowledge and explanation and work of the thousand of unnamed narrators who are telling and retelling these myths that shaped the very fabric of Greek ideology, culture, life style and religion ( The early inhabitants of the Grecian archipelago were the nomads that established a matriarchal society that made the earth their primary deity and have their own tradition and practices. Each community worshipped a local earth goddess and the mother earth where they came from and this goddess lived within the earth mother to both living and the dead and received prayers for fertility, good health and economy as payment for a good fortune (Rosenburg, 1984; Evans, 2008). And their society reflected the superiority of the women through “their society which reflected matriarchal principles, particularly the superiority of women, respect and appreciation for the beauty in life and an emphasis on graceful and peaceful living” as stated by Loverance, (1992). The religion they established focused on the earth as their primary deity which gave them life and hailed a priestess as their highest ranking authority in the community (Evans, 2008). Each community then was separated from one another but united by a single religion and that is worshipping the earth. The same religious beliefs affected their own social organization and the morality and values of the people (Rosenburg, 1984). The religion of the Greeks was then centered to the earth and as an Egyptian Great Goddess explained in a written book in about 150 A.D: "I am the natural mother of all life, the ruler of the...
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