Greek Mythology and Gods

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What is mythology, The mythology is what man kind tries of findings and explanation of nature and all sort of universal actions such as thunders, earth quakes, winds, stars, darkness, seasons etc. The differences of Greek mythology the Greek mythology is more like human based. They were using human forms for their gods appearance instead of unusual creators in Egyptian mythology. Although only in Greek mythology the universe did create the gods not the gods created the universe. Also the Greek mythology doesn’t set on fear. Human should have no fear of creators or devils or giants what so ever. Because all those evil creators killed by heroes and gods and made world clear for human to live. The reason of mythology and using subject

To control the natural phenomena
To bind the clans, tribes, or nation together
To record historical events
To give basic geographic information
To set examples for peoples behaviour
To justify a social structure
Greek mythology does not tell us about early man kind but tell us about early Greek life First event of Greek mythology is Iliad by Homer. He lived 1000 BC. And the Iliad contains earliest Greek literature. Classic Greek mythology was not interested with astrology

Priest was not important at all. Even the poets was more important than the priest. One story in Odyssey the hero spares the poet but kills the priest. The Greek mythology set literature of Europe and democracy and science Greek mythology was not a place for terror for human. The Greek mythologists transformed a world from full of fear to full of beauty Greek mythology nothing to do with religion. It all about how world an universe become in existence As example the reason of volcano erupts are imprisoned terrible creator. Other example Zeus hurls his thunder bolt when he gets angry. The Greek gods lived in Olympus which is high mountain in Greece. Although they lived like human but they were mortal and they could do more than what human could. They eat, they trick another, they drink, been in affair as human do Greek could have fun with the stories about their gods


The titans also called elderly gods. There were many of them but only few of them appears on stories of mythology. At the beginning there was only chaos, then erebus appeared. Then some how love born and brought the stars in order. Once there was a light and day. After light and day Gaea ( appeared ) then erebus slept with night who gave a birth to daily earthly light. and the earth gave a birth to Uranus. Then they create the 3 Cyclopes and hecatocheries 8hundred hands fifty heads ) and twelve titans. And Gaea mother earth and coronus set a trick to Uranus coronus chopped has father Uranus’s penis with Stone sickle. and Uranus’s blood fell into ocean and became giants, from his genitals that fell into sea Aphrodite occurred. Coronus became the next ruler and he imprisoned the Cyclopes with hundred hands. But with the curse of his father Uranus, he was destined to loose against his son Zeus.

The names of twelve titans

Coronus Rhea Oceans Tethys Hyperion Theia Mnemosyne

Themis Coues Phoebe Crius Iapetus (Atlas )


ZEUS. Became supreme ruler by fighting against his father Coronus and the titans. He was lord of the sky. That means if you can control sky you can control whole world as well. He was more powerful than all divinities together. He was represented as a man always falls in love with a woman after another. also he was acting as normal man would, like hiding his affairs from his wife, which is from hear. And his behaviour also caused many disasters for human kind. His bird was Eagle His tree was Oak His...
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