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Greek Mythology

By tyshea624 Jan 30, 2013 338 Words
30 Magnolia Street
Zip Code: 07109
Dear Mr. Carmine Guinta:
I believe I would be an amazing social studies teacher for the Belleville Public Schools. The reason why I would be a great teacher at your school is because I know history like the back of my hand. The next reason is because I love teaching kids. The reason why I love teaching kids is because it puts knowledge into their brain. The last reason is because I am highly qualified. The reason why I am highly qualified it is like I am the best at social studies.

I am going to explain why I would be an amazing social studies teacher. The first reason is because I am respectful to others. My second reason is because my grades are good. My last reason is because I am a responsible kid. These are the reasons why I think I am a great teacher.

I am going to explain why I love teaching kids. One reason is because I love kids. Another reason is because I want children to get their education. The last reason is because I want them to do whatever their carrier is when they grow up. This is why I love teaching kids.

I am going to explain why I am highly qualified. The first reason is because I am a smart kid. Another reason is because I get good grades in history. The last reason is because I always do my homework and my class work. This is why I am highly qualified.

As you can see this letter is about why I think you should hire me and why I want to be a teacher. My first paragraph is about why I wanted to be a teacher. The second, third, and fourth paragraph was about why I would like to be hired at a school in Belleville. I am asking if you can just hire me as a teacher. This letter is for you to reply or higher me.

Tyshea Griffin

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