Greek Mythology

Topics: Zeus, Religion, Greeks Pages: 3 (696 words) Published: December 25, 2012
Dilara Nilüfer Bozkurt


ELIT 224 - World Mythology

Throwing Light to Ancient Greeks: Greek Mythology

The myths of Greek society serve as a key to understand Ancient Greek people in different aspects such as political life, religion, morality and culture. In the case of creation myths; they tried to provide an explanation for the origin of our universe and all that happen around us. They are mostly composed by combining realism with fantasy. Fantasy is included as they had a limited perception. Perception, reason and imagination were what they needed in order to explain what was going around them. From time to time they had rituals which were not only for human interaction and entertainment but also for sharing experiences, thus; storytelling became widespread which were mainly about the origin of man and nature.

Firstly, the creation myths have much importance as they show that they were developing. In the first creation myths, The Pelesgian Creation Myth and The Olympian Myth, both suggested that the world all comes from a woman and it is due to the fact that women are productive, giving birth, and they associated the origin of earth with women. However; later on, they no longer had the idea that women do not need men in order to give birth. Creation myths directly show that Ancient Greeks were in search of their self-identity and the world they were living on. We also do learn about the gods and goddesses from myths as most of them have a religious content. There are many gods and goddesses in Greek mythology, which indicates that they are polytheistic. Each god/goddess has different power and they have human characteristics. The reason why these gods/goddesses were given human characteristics is the limited perception of Ancient Greeks. For instance, Uranus is the god responsible of holding the vault of heaven, that is, he maintains order. This proves that Ancient Greeks were giving...
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