Greek Legacy

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Greek Legacy 5 Paragraph Essay

I believe that war is the most important legacy of Ancient Greece. The first reason is you must have strategy in a war because it helps you attack the enemy; it also helps the soldiers know where they need to go. The other reason is that you get to fight for your city and you get to protect you people. The last reason is a very important issue; it is how it affects your country growth and economy.

I believe that strategy is a supporting factor why war is important in Ancient Greece. The Greeks fought in groups of city-states against invading enemies, this is how early American colonies fought against England. Greek generals in various city-states came up with a new way of fighting battles that gave Greek soldiers a big advantage over the soldiers of other countries like Egypt. Instead of all fighting in a big crowd and running forward and just trying to charge at the enemy, The Greek generals trained their soldiers to fight in lines shoulder to shoulder. This made it so each man was protected by the shield of the man standing by him. When they all marched forward together, no spears or arrows could get through their walls of shields. I remember watching a movie about war strategies that said that out modern day military is also trained to fight in formations as the Ancient Greeks did.

I believe that protecting your people in war was no different in Ancient Greece than it is today. You have to protect your people when you are in war because you don’t want anybody getting killed. If you don’t fight for your country you might have invaders come in and your people will die because the soldiers aren’t protecting them. Ancient Greeks built big walls that were used to defend their people because they cared so much about them, and they knew that they were the strength of their army and city. We watched movies on how Ancient Greece defended their people. Today, we have ways of keeping alienated people out of our country, but we...
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