Greek History

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1. Explain how physical factors impacted human settlement and other socio-economic activity in early Greece. Physical factors will always have an impact in civilization. Human settlement in early Greece relied on the climate, landscape and natural resources of Greece. Socio-economic activity is also affected by these physical factors such as transportation complications, due to rough terrain, and communication ease, such as the time of travel through the ocean. Farming for food is subjected to the climate and soil of particular areas of Greece. Living in Greece involved a degree of risk and the cost-benefit ratios could not be the sole determinant of their decisions. The Greek landscape was predominantly mountains and the sea. Arduous terrain in the mainland makes it difficult to travel and travel by sea was usually preferable. Going south to Crete was relatively easier and a navigator would not need to lose sight of land. The mainland near the Mediterranean had conditions of long, hot, dry summers and cool winters. The west of Greece experience more rain and the land was more arable. If the land was not fertile there is still use for pasture. Red deer, wild boar, and hare were frequently hunted for. They were consumed and also used for hide. In Minoan art fish are depicted, possibly a significant source of food. Raw materials such as clays and stones were used, such as obsidian coming from Melos and Giali. Livestock and sheep were transferred and exchanged within the small farms that formed. The farms usually had an average population of a hundred.

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1) Discuss the evidence for either (a) Minoan religion or (b) Minoan palatial centers. Among the islands in the Mediterranean, Crete is the largest and the fertility in central and eastern parts are able to sustain large populations. Around 2200 B.C. there is a considerable instability which began to recover thereafter. The Minoan population increased incrementally and the signs of the first...
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