Greek Gods and Human Connectio

Topics: Greek mythology, Hera, Zeus Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: October 8, 1999
The Greek gods and goddess carry many attributes, most human. They are very much like humans in the way that they have weaknesses and strengths. Even though the gods display their characteristics much more drastically than humans do, the similarities are obvious. In Rosenberg and Baker’s book, the Greek gods have many human characteristics such as vengeance, jealously, and love. An example of a human trait is that the Greek gods and goddess displayed excessive vengeance. Whenever anyone committed a crime against him or her, they always take revenge. Zeus is a good example because he often exercised his full authority as head of the Olympians. “When Zeus looked down from Mount Olympus and fire gleaming among Prometheus’ mortals, he controlled the fire in his heart. With cruel laughter he decided how he would punish the mankind” (Rosenberg and Baker 106). Sometimes it is not a direct insult against the gods but an error in judgement. The gods were very unforgiving of human mistakes. “Apollo took revenge on Midas for his poor taste and even poorer judgement” (Rosenberg and Baker 144). The gods usually carried the punishment out as soon as the crime was committed. They would not hesitate to use their powers to punish a mortal. It is the strong characteristic of vengeance that make the Greek gods strong and feared. Jealousy was a characteristic just as strong as vengeance. The Greek gods and goddess were jealous of mortals and each other. Sometimes the Greek goddesses would punish a mortal because they dared to compare skills with them. “Let battle-stirring Athena appear and contest her skill with mine” (Rosenberg and Baker 128). The gods were jealous of each other too and competed on things like their children. “Hera felt even more embarrassed when Hephaestus, the child she hoped would compete with Athena’s excellence, turned out to be lame” (Rosenberg and Baker 52). The gods were often...
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