Greek Food

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Greek Food
Greek Cuisine is certainly one of the most wanted flavors in the entire world, but what is it about Greek food that makes it so exceptional? Well there are five features of Greek food that make it stand out. The first is, the basic ingredients in Greek dishes are usually nourishing. You'll find a lot of vegetables added to the mix, with fish, legumes and cereals being some of the other main ingredients in traditional recipes (S. Linda, 2012). Second, the food has a whole lot more flavor to it, simply all because the locals use a lot of herbs and spices, including dill, garlic, oregano, onion, bay laurel leaves and mint. A few other choices consist of thyme, basil (S. Linda, 2012). Thirdly, Greek food is unique because the recipes are actually quite easy to make (S. Linda, 2012). The fourth distinguishing characteristic of Greek cuisine is that there is no beef. Lamb is the staple meat for most Greek dishes. This is because of the fact that the terrain and the climate have made the breeding of sheep and goat better than cattle (S. Linda, 2012). Greek dishes usually come with a few mezedes, or appetizers. Each region has their specialty, which makes the food rather varied so that you don't easily grow weary. A lot of these appetizers are packed with so much flavor, and are the perfect balance of tradition, health and tastiness (Yao, B.H, 2012).

Greek food has a few main components. Those components are cheese, fruit and vegetables, olives and olive oil, seafood and poultry, meat, and herbs and seasonings. The most common Greek cheese is feta. Other cheeses include Kasseri, a hard yellow cheese, Kefalotyri, a very salty cheese often served with pasta, Manouri, a soft white cheese often eaten on its own as an appetizer, and Mizithra, a soft, unsalted cheese used in pies and pastries (Binder, L). Greek cuisine follows the seasonal fruits and vegetables of the region (Johns, S). The warm climate of Greece makes it ideal for growing...
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