Greek Culture and the Roman Culture

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The difference between the Greek culture and the Roman culture? *
There are many differences between the two cultures, in fact, so many that they cannot all be told. One difference is that Greek culture was exceedingly older than Roman culture. To start things out, the Greek civilization was in existence long before Rome became a civilization. Rome began as a few farming communities on the banks of the Tiber river, and the civilization grew and grew and started to conquer land. As well, Rome was also under the rule of Escrustan kings for centuries, until that system of government was overthrown and the Roman Republic came into existence. Rome conquered and grew, and it as well consisted of city states very similar to Greece, but they united and one day decided they wanted to conquer the world. Of course, Greece fell to the Romans. When the Romans demolished them, they decided that they really liked Greek culture, and they adopted many of Greek characteristics into their own culture. Even though Greece was under their rule, the Romans still allowed them their own culture and individuality, as for all lands they conquered.  But Rome was still quite different from Greece even though they stole many of their ideas. For example: religion. The Greeks and Romans had the same religion, but the Romans changed many of the names of the gods to more Roman sounding names. But Greek religion was much more artistic with festivity. Not that the Romans elaborated their religion, but it was much more conservative and serious. Eventually, the Romans grew rather cynical of their own religion.  The Romans also adopted the Greek fashion of the toga. Throughout the Roman Republic, the toga was the official wear of Roman citizens--men and women alike. Of course, it originated in Greece. When the Roman Empire came along, the toga ceased to be worn, and women also adopted other Greek fashions, like the stola, which remained popular throughout the Roman empire. Togas were worn rarely, but...
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