Greek Civilization

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From the history of world civilization Greek civilization was one of the big achievements. Greek civilization is begun with the Minoans. Europe's first advanced civilization the Minoans were a prosperous and peaceful people who flourished on the Mediterranean island of Crete from about 3000 to 1450 b.c. The Minoans built structures from stone, plaster, and timbers; painted walls with brilliant frescoes; made pottery; wove and dyed cloth; cultivated the land (they are believed to be the first people to produce an agricultural surplus, which they exported); constructed stone roads and bridges; and built highly advanced drainage systems and aqueducts. (At Knossos, the royal family had a system for showers and even had toilets that could be flushed.) Minoans were a sophisticated people who loved music and dance, games and entertainment.

Greek dark Ages:
The downfall of the Mycenaean age came swiftly and was due to multiple causes. Upon the advent of its destruction, the Iron Age Dorian’s invaded the Greek peninsula from the north (estimated time 1200BC to 1100BC). Atop the invasion, civil war also entered mainland Greece, directly following the Dorian invasion. What followed was a period known aptly as the Greek Dark Ages. The Dark Ages lasted from 1100 BC until 800 BC, or relatively to the time of Hellenic or Classical Greece. During this time the culture of Greece dwindled. Little is known of how many cultural elements were lost during the Dark Ages, but characteristic of the Dark Age, is the gradual decimation of any urbanized culture on the Greek mainland. In addition, many of the elements left from Mycenaean culture were destroyed, and writing, which had been so important during the Mycenaean, was not practiced. The great trading empire which had begun with the Minoans and was inherited by the Mycenaean's, was destroyed in the Dark Ages. Trade with Asia Minor, the Middle East, and Egypt stopped entirely. Artistic elements of the time portray simple geometrical designs and patterns The Rise of Greece :

The re-emergence of Greek culture has been attributed to many variables, most of which appear to have taken ages and many immigrations to create. The migration to the islands and lands surrounding the Aegean led many migrants and cultures to re-establish themselves in the eastern coasts of the Aegean, and to the boot section of Italy with it's accompanying islands. Specifically, the migrations of the Aeolians and the Ionians, led to the creation of such cities as Lesbos, Miletus, Smyrn, Abydos and Rhodes. Coupled with such recent immigrations, both the Aeolians and the Ionians set up many long lasting communities, which led to a population boom, and further, to the greater proliferation of their people and traditions. In addition to the proliferation of traditions, Athens, and many other cities took to the fore in breaking free from the old monarchy government of prior ages. The change in government was mostly due to the leading families of Athens joining together to elect an individual, or archon (chief of state) for one year. The result was the gradual acceptance of an aristocratic republic.

The Dorian’s:

The Dorian’s are the people who belong from Greek civilization. Best known for their invasion of mainland Greece which, along with the civil war at the end of the Mycenaean, led to the Greek Dark Ages. The Dorian’s originated from north/northwestern Greece, Macedonia and Epirus. From these points they began to invade toward the south, into the center of mainland Greece, then to the Peloponnesian and the southern Aegean islands. Once their invasions of central Greece ceased, their descent to southern Greece produced waves of invasions through the Peloponnesus, into Crete, and westward to Rhodes. The Dorians themselves, were in many regards primitive compared to the Bronze Age Mycenaean, and there are many hypotheses about their origins. The more mythical origins tells how the...
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