Greek and Romans

Topics: Ancient Rome, Roman Empire, Culture Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Describe the contributions of the Greeks and Romans to Western Civilization, explaining their accomplishments and the classical virtues they developed.
The Greeks and Romans contributions to western civilization cannot be over stated. They were vital in many ways to future generations. Both through science the arts and the frameworks of future governments Greeks were one of the first great civilized societies in the Western area. They started like many societies at this time as warring tribes. After they started settling down there culture started taking a turn for a more intellectual focus. Although many of their ideas were not original they managed to improve on almost anything they came across. One of their greatest contribution to modern western civilization, was the early frame work of democracy. It was not as complicated as it is now, as it left women out for the most part and they did own slaves. But it start the idea of citizens having a voice or a vote on political issues.

Greece also gave us the first pursuers of true histories as they were the first to go out and seek to separate the facts from the myths that were often entangled with stories of the past. All these advances game from the virtues this society held dear. “They valued order, balance, symmetry, clarity and control. (Palmer, Colton and Kramer) These were known as the classical virtues. The pursuit for truth is what led them to question the myths of disease of the body and the mind. They were the first to realize these were the real issues not just demons or other mystical reasons. This realization lead to line of thinking of actual diagnosing, and looking for cures.

Rome through its concurring’s, brought civility to many areas of Europe and parts of the middle east. Through the building of roads and having its expansive empire, Rome was able to connect many cultures and open trades between distant lands. Rome’s dominate military, and its ability to organize and...
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