Greed: Suicide and Pearl Story

Topics: Suicide, John Steinbeck Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: May 21, 2013
GREED, one of the most detrimental human foibles.

In human mind is always greed. Some greed brings destruction and some greed brings improvement their living standard. Even though, all the people know that greedy bring more dangerous that safety, they try to commit it and they also created proverb if we want to get big fish, we have to spend more small fish. Should people greed or not? There are three things greed leads people to destruction.

First, greed leads to more opponents. Because of greedy people always wanted to get the great values. When they want to get it high, the other want to get it too, thus they try to steal it. Own possessions had to protect it so everyone become their opponent. For instance, the pearl story, Kino wanted to sell his pearl 150,000 pesos, but the pearl buyer gave the great values just 1,500 pesos. Thus, Kino decided to sell it in the capital. Because of Kino greed, the people want to get the great pearl they try to steal it, nevertheless, Kino tried to protect the pearl, so he killed a man and he became a murder. Thus, he had to leave from his village.

Second, greed leads to lost wealthy. Greed people want to improve their wealth; in contrast, they lost a lot of wealth for spending the way that can reach to rich man. For instance, the pearl story, because Kino want to marry in the great church, rifle and his baby get education. He had to sell the great pearl in the high price. In spite of this, Kino lost canoe which one inherit from his grandfather and also Kino's house was burned by the people wanted to get the pearl. The other example is that when economic increasing Cambodian people tried to sell the inherit lands and they continuous to buy the other lands. The profit that that they get, they try to show off and buy modern things such as houses, cars, mobile phones so on and so forth. As a result, when economic decreasing, all the things around them would become lower price. The lands that expect bring more beneficial,...
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