Greece: Pursuit of Excellence
Topics: Greece, Plato, Ancient Greece, Aristotle, Athens, Europe / Pages: 3 (630 words) / Published: Apr 28th, 2013

As it is known for being the core influence of Western Civilization, I firmly have adhered myself to the fact that ancient Greece has indeed a lot of say in the development and enrichment of today’s cosmos. It made such a grave mark on history; infusing the modern world with its own classical elements, from literature to the arts up to such political system. Even our various beliefs and ideas are possibly brought by the influence of great philosophers such as Plato, Socrates and Aristotle. Formulating such insights on how the world would function, movement of heavenly bodies and establishing the first education has proved to be of imminent significance. This period basically stood as the building blocks of civilization; even up-to-date, its contributions have not withered for it dares to be quintessential in every way possible. In what I have perceived, surely one can deem that the Greeks have paved the way for 20th century culture progression. The Greeks possessed the defining qualities of someone who influences greatly. And that’s what made them successful in all their endeavors. As what I’ve observed, they showed keen curiosity in their respective fields. Philosophers creating brilliance out of their sheer knowledge and critical thinking. Artists who came about experimenting with their own craft and hence, the existence of different art styles that up to now are being praised for. And rulers of what were once called as “polis”, which transcended into an emerging Athenian empire. Their persistence when it comes to power has been nothing short of unbelievable. To say the least, it seemed as if they were always on the lookout for military and political dominance.
True enough, they’ve presented people of this generation how achieving the desired former political stance was made possible by their own gusto and the right kind of leadership brought by their oligarchies. Establishing the preferred conduct and rules, the Greeks have widened their governance—thus,

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