Greatest Impact

Topics: High school, Family, Higher education Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: March 1, 2009
Who Has The Greatest Impact On your Life?
In today’s society, it’s extremely rare that we have a person in our lives that exemplifies greatness, perseverance, and strength. Fortunately, I have a person in my life that personifies all these traits, having a huge positive impact on my life. That person would be my cousin Courtney Watson. I can remember as a young child, Courtney was always focused on academics and athletics. I used to go with my grandfather and other family members to go watch her play basketball in high school. Having a very large family, we were all very supportive of one another, attending all recitals, games, and academic ceremonies, so she was sure to have her own cheering section whenever she played.

Courtney always emphasized how important education is to our future, and toward accomplishing our goals. I’ve always admired her determination to work hard, receiving a full scholarship for maintaining a 4.0 G.P.A throughout her high school years. All of my family members used to praise her on her academic achievements. When she graduated from high school, my family threw her a huge graduation / congratulations party for getting accepted to Cal Berkeley, where she received her Bachelors of Science Degree. As a family, we all drove to her Graduation. The event was as important to us as it was to Courtney, as she was the first of her siblings to graduate from college.

Courtney is, and always has been such a positive role model for all the young people in our family. As she grew into the amazing adult she is today, she demonstrated to me how far you can go in life with good education. She then pursued the career of teaching, so she retuned to Westchester High School, her alma mater, to become a physical education teacher. Later she was appointed as the basketball coach; her team going on to be one of the best high school teams here in the state of California. She then continued on her course of higher education by, obtaining a Master’s...
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