Greatest Canadian

Topics: Canada, Tommy Douglas, Pierre Trudeau Pages: 3 (794 words) Published: November 3, 2009
Tommy Douglas

Tommy Douglas was the greatest Canadian. Tommy Douglas was the greatest Canadian due to his implementation of Medicare, support of a Canadian Bill of Rights and his example on how to be an excellent politician.

Firstly, today, in Canada, Medicare is implemented nationwide and is one of Canada’s aspects that is known and respected around the world. Medicare begun in 1944, when Tommy Douglas, then Premier of Saskatchewan and his social-democratic majority government gave old age pensioners free medical, dental and hospital services as well as free treatment for everyone suffering from diseases such as mental illness, tuberculosis and mental illness. Shortly after, in 1947, Tommy Douglas and his party established public universal hospital insurance for an yearly fee of five dollars per person. A while later, several other provinces followed suit and begun providing publicly funded hospital care for their citizens. Seeing the initial success of publicly funded medical care, the Canadian Parliament passed the Hospital Insurance and Diagnostic Services Act in which the government agreed to pay 50% of provincial hospital care. Soon after negotiations between the Federal government and the Provincial governments begun regarding the sharing of funding for acute hospital, laboratory and radiological care and were quickly successful with over 99% of Canadians having free access to the aforementioned services in 1961. However, some services such as regular physician visits were still not free. This changed half a decade later in 1966 the NDP (New Democratic Party) led by Tommy Douglas pressured Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson into passing the Medical Care Act (Medicare) which allowed each province to establish a universal health care plan. Decades later over 30 million Canadians are enjoying the benefits of Medicare that were implemented by none other than Tommy Douglas.
Secondly, Tommy Douglas was one of the greatest politicians of his time....
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