Great Widget Company: Network Security

Topics: OSI model, Internet Protocol Suite, OSI protocols Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: June 11, 2006
Great Widget Company

TO: Network Administration Group
FROM: Tonia Appleton, Manager of Network Services
DATE: July 23, 2003
SUBJECT: Network Security

Great Widget Company values the security and integrity of its data. In keeping with that policy the following information is provided to clarify the security level associated with each level of the OSI (Open System Interconnect) model. Please familiarize yourself with this information, we will discuss it in the next regular staff meeting scheduled for Monday, August 1, 2003.

Physical Layer – Security protection at this level includes physical media, access to input devices, and power supply restoration. The server room will be locked at all times with only authorized team member having access. Entry to the server room will require both the scan of an authorized badge and the entry of the corresponding pin number. Anyone accessing the server room who is not an employee must be accompanied at all times by an authorized team member. All network hardware will be protected from loss of power by a UPC.

Data Link Layer – Assurance and availability are the security goals for this OSI layer. One vulnerable area in this layer is alteration of the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) cache causing MAC addresses to be matched up to incorrect IP's. MAC address filtering will be used to identify stations by address and cross-reference the physical port or logical access.

Network Layer – The network layer is responsible for routing data, and the security vulnerabilities include routers, switches and bridges. All routers will utilize IPSEC technology to ensure confidentiality of data transmitted. The preferred mode if IPSEC encryption is tunnel to encrypt both the data payload and the header information.

Transport Layer – The transport layer which assists the network layer in ensuring that data arrives at the proper destination is vulnerable to security breaches. TCP and UDP can be used to...
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