Great minds of the renaissance

Topics: Leonardo da Vinci, William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe Pages: 3 (906 words) Published: October 26, 2014
Great  Minds  of  the  Renaissance  
The  renaissance  was  a  cultural  movement  which  saw  a  flowering  of  education,  literature,  art  and   sciences.  The  renaissance  saw  an  inflow  of  new  ideas  and  new  practises,  and  left  a  profound  cultural   legacy.  The  great  minds  who  helped  this  movement  make  its  mark  were  the  incredible  artists  of   Leonardo  Da  Vinci,  Michelangelo;;  then  you  have  the  remarkable  scientists  Galileo  and  Nicholas   Copernicus  who  were  both  also  astronomers  of  their  time.  This  was  also  a  great  era  of  English   Literature  which  Christopher  Marlowe  and  William  Shakespeare  had  a  big  part  in.  These  great  people   with  incredible  minds  created  an  era  of  beautiful  art,  invention,  and  new  philosophy.   Leonardo  Da  Vinci  was  most  known  for  his  art  and  his  painting  of  The  Mona  Lisa  on  the  other   side  he  was  also  a  scientist,  inventor,  sculptor,  mathematician,  geologist  and  many  more  he  was  a  genius   of  his  time.  Still  he  is  most  known  for  all  his  artworks  that  he  produced  that  were  beyond  magnificent   such  as  The  Last  Supper,  Virgin  of  the  Rocks,  Annunciation,  and  The  Baptism  of  Christ.  Then  you   have  his  great  works  on  philosophy,  Leonardos  well  known  Vitruvian  Man  also  Leonardo's  anatomical   drawings  include  many  studies  of  the  human  skeleton  and  its  parts,  and  studies  muscles  and  sinews.  He   studied  the  mechanical  functions  of  the  skeleton  and  the  muscular  forces  that  are  applied  to  it  in  a   manner  that  prefigured  the  modern  science  of  biomechanics.  He  drew  the  heart  and  vascular  system,  the   sex  organs  and  other  internal  organs,  making  one  of  the  first  scientific  drawings  of  a  fetus  in  utero  The   drawings  and  notation  are  far  ahead  of  their  time,  and  if  published,  would  undoubtedly  have...
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