Great Litttle Box

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Brief Organization’s Strategy and Organizational Structure: Great Little Box Company (GLBC) is a manufacturer and distributor of custom and stock packaging solutions that specialize in corrugated boxes, custom displays, labels, flexible packaging, folding cartons, rigid boxes and specialty and protective packaging. (GLBC 2013) Owner of GLBC, Robert Meggy, was exposed to the packaging industry in 1982. In the same year, he and his wife, Margaret, purchased a failing box-manufacturing company that later became one of the most successful businesses in corrugated packaging industry. Meggy stated "it doesn't matter what you make, it has to go in a box to be shipped”. When GLBC was established in 1982, it started with “three box-making machines or "presses," two machine operators and a sales representative” (Industry Canada, 2012). The company continues to provide a one-stop shopping center for businesses and consumers to look for packaging supplies, tools, and equipment. In order to accomplish the company’s goal, the company needs to have a well-deployed organizational structure to divide the work and responsibilities equally. The VP of production/Operation manager, Nick Reiach, has briefly explained the organizational structure and the basic breakdown of each department’s strategies that is to maximize sales and revenue at all time. Within the company, senior management teams allocate various duties and tasks to five different departments. Under the direct supervision of Production/Operation Manager, each of the five middle managers has different responsibilities and staff to take care of. The design, foam, label and Folding Carton managers tend to work with each other’s department more frequently to share common problems, issues or strategies. These departments have more in-house tasks and duties to accomplish. On the other hand, the Shipping mangers will tend to only focus on the external feedback and response to ensure his/her department is running smoothly....
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