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Great Leader

By cat112194 Oct 26, 2011 567 Words
Who is a good example of a great leader? When you think of a good leader you think of a person that has passion, persistence, resilience and initiative. When you think of a good leader you normally think of George Washington, Roosevelt or Martin Luther King, but one of the greatest leaders of all time is Adolf Hitler.

One of Hitler's strength was his amazing memory. Hitler had the uncanny ability to commit precise details to memory, particularly historical information, technical facts, economic statistics, and past personal experiences. As a child he did not have the best education. To make up for this he read everything that was put in front of him and retained all the knowledge. His knowledge of guns, tanks, ships and their capabilities as weapons of war benefited Germany’s war fighting machine.

He also had the experience to be a leader. Being a former solider he saw the battle field from his men‘s perspective and understood how the common soldier felt fighting on the front lines. Field Marshal Erich von Milstein credits Hitler with a number of characteristics essential to military leadership such as a strong will, nerves of steel and undeniable intelligence. His men looked up to him knowing he had risked his own life for their country they felt more comfortable and confident marching into battle.

Hitler also possessed the ability to adjust his conversation to the mentality of his audience. He could discuss highly technical matters with industrialists, engage in political conversations with diplomats, or simplify complex problems to a level easily understood by the common working class. Hitler used this talent to build his self-confidence by not allowing himself to feel intimidated when surrounded by those of a higher educational or cultural background and could comfortably discuss such topics as art, music, or literature. Hitler also used this skill when he wanted to persuade someone to accept his point of view. He always knew why a person wanted to see him before they arrived and had his counter-arguments so well prepared that the individual would leave convinced that Hitler’s logic was sound and not unreasonable

His power over the people was partly due to his extraordinary talent as an orator. Hitler was a master at the use of the spoken word and a genius at the art of manipulating mass propaganda for his political ends. His uncanny ability to appeal to the subconscious and irrational needs of his audience and to solicit the desired response made him a formidable political figure. It was not uncommon for women to faint or for the crowd’s emotions to range from tears to an overwhelming frenzy to the point they were ready and willing to believe almost anything he told them.

Over all Hitler was a military and political genius. He was everything a leader should be and that is why he was able to control all of Germany and start World War 2. Hitler was able to do so many incredible things, such as end the great depression in Germany in little as three years, but all these actions are tainted by the hatred and insanity he was in during his final years. In 1938 Hitler was Time magazine’s man of the year. Just think what would have happened to the world if Hitler's intentions were focused on good instead of evil.

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