Great Gatsby Outline

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The Great Gatsby Chapter 3

In chapter 3, Nick was invited to party at Gatsby’s place. There, Nick meets up with Jordan Baker and Gatsby. Nick was surprised to meet Gatsby because he had been looking for him at the party all night. Gatsby spoke with Jordan alone and talked for hours, but Jordan was not allowed to tell anyone about their conversation. When everyone was trying to leave the party there was a car accident. Nick discovers that he is not in love with Jordan and finds out that she is a liar.

a.Gatsby- a party host and Nick’s neighbor. He is also Daisy’s lover. b.“There’s something funny about a fellow that’ll do a thing like that, he doesn’t want any trouble with anybody” (Fitzgerald 43). c.This is a significant quote because it shows that Gatsby is sneaky and he is hiding something. Later the party quests said that he killed a man or he was a German spy in the war. Gatsby seems to have a mysterious past. d.Best Quality- Gatsby is good at choosing his words wisely. Worst Quality- He has a bad reputation and tends to make people wonder about him. e.Gatsby is obviously the main character in The Great Gatsby. He interacts with the narrator and with many of the other characters. Everyone knows of Gatsby but doesn’t know anything about him. He manages to stay mysterious and keeps his business to himself. He is the type of character that makes you want to continue reading the book. III.Meaningful Quote

a.“Sometime before he introduced himself I’d got a strong impression that he was picking his words with care” (Fitzgerald 48). b.Nick is implying this quote towards Gatsby. This quote tells us that either Nick can read people well, or Gatsby is obvious when he is trying to hide something.

IV.Symbol Analysis
a.The gas blue dress with lavender beads symbolizes Gatsby’s wealth. b.Gatsby’s lack of appearance at the party symbolizes is mysteriousness. Who wouldn’t make much of an appearance at your own party?...
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