Great Gatsby Empathic Response

Topics: Morality, Emotion, Pet Shop Boys Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Empathic Response
You are Tom at the moment you recognize the attraction between Daisy and Gatsby. What are your thoughts?

That is absolutely preposterous! I cannot believe this; especially after all I have done for her! All of the money spent on her, the dinners we enjoyed, the jewelry I bought and all the useless crap I spoiled her with. All wasted, thrown down the drain. She would honestly be nowhere without me. To be completely frank with my self, I expected this. How could I have not, with my relationship with Myrtle, I felt the strong sense of jealousy grow between us. If it were not for Pammy, I doubt we would still be together? This could be some sort of payback. Myrtle had a purpose, there was reason I escaped my boring life of Daisy. Although who would even dare to cheat on me, after all I have done. The most disgusting part is Gatsby. He is a wastrel polluting the very community we live in. Such an arrogant man who has none of the slightest bit of morals. His parties are a meeting place of the sickest members of our society who mean nothing to me. How could anyone find love in this man? His arrogant and egotistical personality could turn anyone off, yet Daisy is blind. I will get revenge. I would do anything to watch Gatsby suffer after what he has done. He is trying so hard to turn her against me yet she will never leave my side. Deep down inside she loves me and she knows it. I’m going to love to see how this ends.
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