Great Gatsby Color Symbolism

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Green, Color Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: April 11, 2013
The Great Gatsby: Final Essay
F. Scott Fitzgerald used lots of symbolism with color in his novel, The Great Gatsby. It might seem as if he is just describing the setting or object when he uses colors but if the reader knows and understands the circumstances of the situations then they would be able to recognize the symbolism.  Throughout the novel Fitzgerald uses colors to symbolize emotions, such as the color green, gold and white.  These colors may have many possible interpretations, and they are used to reveal insight into some character’s emotions.  White is a color which represents purity and good morality throughout the novel. White appears many times throughout the novel and most are to describe the character Daisy. The first thing Nick mentions when he sees Daisy in East Egg is when she is wearing a white dress. White represents purity and good morality throughout the novel. Even the windows at Daisy's house are white as described by Nick, "The windows were ajar and gleaming white" (Fitzgerald, p.13). This color is related to Daisy, it is "her" color. Daisy´s clothes are always white and even her car is white. She even speaks about her childhood being white, "Our white childhood was passed together there,” (p. 24) meaning that she had a pure and honest childhood. Another important color, which represents several symbols throughout the novel, is green. When Nick sees Gatsby for the first time in his backyard, he notices that Gatsby is looking at a green light in the distance, with his arms stretched towards the dock with the green light, as if he is trying to reach it. This color of green is used to represent hope and also Gatsby’s love and desire to be with Daisy. Nick is confused what Gatsby is staring at when he first sees him, "I glanced seaward – and distinguished nothing except a single green light" (p. 25). This green light is across the sea where Buchanan's house is supposed to be. Green represents Gatsby´s determination and dream to win Daisy....
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