Great Gatsby

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Arnold Rothstein, The Great Gatsby Pages: 3 (1024 words) Published: September 14, 2010
The Great Gatsby
Major Themes

Bigotry was mostly portrayed through Tom. Tom was a very intolerant about anyone that wasn’t like him. He verbally criticized other races including the blacks. He also won’t try to hide his discomfort with you if he doesn’t like you. Another form of bigotry is the way that people acted towards Gatsby when he moved in. when Nick was talking to Katherine at Tom and Myrtle’s apartment, she said that he was German and a descendent of the Kaiser. She claimed it would be bad if he ever discovered any information that would be detrimental to her health. There are a lot of people talking about Gatsby and what is being said does not do him justice. (117)


There are many forms of irresponsibility present in the Great Gatsby. The one that sticks out to me the most is the way that Daisy drove while in Gatsby’s car. Daisy had been freaking out at the hotel that they were at in the city and she was mentally unstable. Her reckless driving technically killed three people. One was Myrtle, the second was Gatsby, and the final person was Wilson. These were the results of chain reactions. Another concept of irresponsibility was the number of cases of adultery. Daisy was in love with Gatsby and Tom’s mistress was Myrtle, plus all the women that he flirted with. This carelessness lead to the loss of trust and web of lies that formed between everyone involved. (124)

C.What money can’t buy: Happiness

Most of the characters in this story are unhappy with what they possess. Nick is the only exception. Although Daisy and Tom are filthy rich, neither of them are truly happy. Tom is not content with having Daisy for a wife, so he has a mistress in New York, Myrtle, who is married to George Wilson. Daisy is unhappy because her husband is seeing another woman. Gatsby is now probably the richest man in the area, but for him, a life without Daisy is pointless. All in all, the only thing that can make these people...
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