Great Gatsby

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January 18, 2012
Great Gatsby Essay

Most people get out of bed with ambitions of accomplishing goals and dreams for themselves for the sense of fulfillment. But rarely you’ll find people who don’t; instead you’ll find people who just can’t let go of the past, which could easily just lead them to a horrendous death. On Long Island in the summer of 1922, Gatsby is a perfect role model of exactly that. Gatsby grew up a poor Midwesterner and fell in love with a girl named Daisy, a ditsy, old money socialite. He went off to fight in world war one because he was so in love with Daisy, he just had to since she wouldn’t date a man without money. After leaving the war Gatsby has money, which is everything to Daisy and Daisy is everything to Gatsby. So now his plan before he went off to the war is starting, he tries to reconnect with Daisy. This didn’t necessarily work out in his favor seeing she went off and got married to a rich, old money man. This doesn’t stop Gatsby from going after daisy at all; he throws parties in his nice house to show off to daisy hoping it’ll impress her. At one party Gatsby reveals his true feelings for Daisy which is a mistake on his part, because an argument breaks out and everyone is heated. With things still not

settled, Gatsby and Daisy drive off in his car. She accidentally hits myrtle along her drive and drives off.
A bit later people start to point fingers at them; Gatsby being a gentleman takes the blame for Daisy’s
mistake, which got people really angry and lead to his murder. During his life he did so much just to
impress her, hopping she will take him, but instead it just leads him to his death because he cared too
much for a girl who would have been perfectly happy without him trying to win her love. She was so
shallow she didn’t even show up for his funeral. He didn’t care about his nice house or his money, he
just got all that for Daisy. So his inability to let...
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