Great Film Schools in the World

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List of Ten Great Film Schools in the U.S.
College/University Name | Distinction | Location|
American Film Institute Conservatory | The American Film Institute Directing Workshop for Women program | Los Angeles, CA| California Institute of the Arts | The Community Arts Partnership program | Valencia, CA| Columbia University | The multidisciplinary Arts Collaboration Lab summer program | New York, NY| Florida State University | The Torchlight Program for film business | Tallahassee, FL| New York University | The First Run Film Festival | New York, NY| Northwestern University | Film program offers interdisciplinary MFA in film and theater | Evanston, IL| Ohio University | The Honors Tutorial College BFA in Film | Athens, OH| University of California - Los Angeles | The MFA in Cinematography program | Los Angeles, CA| University of Southern California | The MFA Producer's Program | Los Angeles, CA| University of Texas - Austin | The University of Texas Film Institute (UTFI) | Austin, TX|

Best Film Schools in USA (TOP 10) Columbia University NYU - New York University USC - University of Southern California UCLA - University of California, Los Angeles AFI - American Film Institute CALARTS - California Institute of the Arts UWM - University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee University of Iowa Temple University Boston University also, Ohio University University of Texas - Austin Best Film Schools in Europe (TOP 10) National Film & Television School (United Kingdom) FAMU - Film & TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts (Czech Republic) (in Czech) National Film School of Denmark (No Cost) (in Danish) VGIK (Russia) (Russian)* National Film & Theatre School (Poland) (in Polish)* Academy of Film & Theatre (Hungary) (in Hungarian) LA’ FEMIS (France) (No Cost) (in French) G�teborg University & Dramatiska Institutet (Sweden) (No Cost) (in Swedish) Filmakademie Baden – W�rttemberg (Germany) (No Cost) (in German) VSMU - Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts (Slovakia) (in Slovakian) (*) : Offers Language Preparation Programs for International Students. Best Film Schools in Canada Concordia University University of British Columbia York University Best Film Schools in Asia Korean National University of Arts (Korea) (in Korean & English) Beijing Film Academy (China) (in Chinese) Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (Hong Kong) (in English) Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong) (in English) Best Film Schools in Ocenia AFTRS - Australian Film, Television & Radio School (Australia) VCA - Victorian College of Arts (Australia) University of Auckland (New Zealand) Best Film Schools in Africa Pretoria Technikon (South Africa) University of Cape Town (South Africa) Best Film Schools in Antartica Antartica International Film School (I am just kidding:-))

The best film schools in the world

International Academy of Film and Television in the Philippines

The Australian Film, Television and Radio School

The Australian Film, Television and Radio School has undergone some significant changes in the past two years, including the move to a new state-of-the-art campus in Sydney's film hub and an overhaul of the courses it offers to students and established industry practitioners. The 37-year-old national film school, funded annually by the Australian government with $22 million last year, holds a key position in the Australian film community with more than 2,000 graduates passing though its doors in that time. AFTRS alumni include Oscar-winning cinematographers like Dion Beebe ("Nine") and Andrew Lesnie ("The Lovely Bones") and director Jane Campion ("Bright Star"). An array of courses covering producing, digital media and visual effects, art direction, documentary, screenwriting, screen music, production design and editing are offered, but at the heart of the school...
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