Great Expectations Vocabulary

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Great Expectations Vocabulary

1) Corroborated (vb) Supported or established by existing evidence.
“The hue and cry going off to the Hulks, and people coming thence to examine the iron, Joe's opinion was corroborated.”

Pocket corroborated Pip's suspicions that Estella had already taken a huband. Sagaciously (adv) Intelligently or wisely.

“I sagaciously observed, if it didn't signify to him, to whom did it signify?”

Pip dozed off as Pumblechook sagaciously lectured him about the importance of honesty.

Depreciation (n) belittlement.

“...Pumblechook himself, self-constituted my patron, would sit supervising me with a depreciatory eye...”

Pip could feel the depreciation of Bentley Drummle upon him and the rest of their company.

Execrating (vb) Cursing.

“Both were bleeding and panting and execrating and struggling; but of course I knew them both directly.”

Stepping inside and pulling off his mud soaked coat, Jaggers could be heard softly execrating under his breath.

Impetuosity (n) A state of passion.

“...a good fellow, with impetuosity and hesitation, boldness and diffidence, action and dreaming, curiously mixed in him."

My impetuous impulses urged me on even as hammering heart cried for me to stay back.

Obsequious (adj) Full of compliance.

“who was alternately stuffing himself, and making obsequious movements to catch my attention.”

Obsequious, and somewhat jittery, he rushed to carry out my every order.

Epistle (n) Letter.

I contrived in an hour to smear this epistle –
Pip, reminiscing upon his old days with Joe, wrote an epistle in a wave of emotions.

Propensity (n) Tendency

“And Herbert had seen him as a predatory Tartar of comic propensities.”

It was among Pip's natural propensities to berate himself incessantly.

Superciliously (adv) make some feel down

“...she looked over her shoulder, superciliously saying, "You are to come this way to-day,"

Despite Estella's supercilious and abusive nature, Pip still fancies her as the love of his life.
Presentiment (n) A feeling of evil to come.

“For I had a presentiment that I should never be there again, and I felt that the dying light was suited to my last view of it.”

Pip's brow glistened with sweat as a gnawing feeling of presentiment clawed its way through his gut.

Intimation (n) A hint.

“Receiving this as an intimation that it was best not to delay...”

Pocket took the subtle intimation that the two old friends were to be left alone.

Trenchant (n) characterized by full force and labor.

“My sister had a trenchant way of cutting our bread and butter for us...”

Jaggers had a trenchant way of arguing his cases in court with his thunderous speeches and ruthless attacks.

Ague (n) successive stages of chills and fever as a result of malaria.

He shivered all the while so violently, that it was quite as much as he could do to keep the neck of the bottle between his teeth, without biting it off. "I think you have got the ague," said I.

Though he claimed nervousness, Magwitch I thought was exhibiting signs more akin to the ague.

Pernicious (adj) Extremely deadly; fatal.

“it was poisonous, and pernicious, and infamous...”

Estella was the perfect example of a beautiful flower with thorns of pernicious thorns.

Exhorted (vb) Urged, suggested.

“Hereupon Startop took him in hand, though with a much better grace than I had shown, and exhorted him to be a little more agreeable.”

Pip quickly mended his poor table manners when Pocket exhorted as such.

Indelible (adj) Not able to be erased.

“But for the indelible picture that my remembrance now holds before me ...”

Much to his dismay, the memory of his meeting with the convict was indelible....
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