Great Expectations: Pip's Character and Satis House

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At the beginning of chapter one Pip is a mild mannered, polite little boy, we can suggest this from the way he interacts with Magwitch, for example when he says 'Pip. Pip, sir' . Pip's kindness went out to help the convict, thief and future benefactor, Magwich. This was the beginning of Pip's change, throughout the novel the character, Pip changes from a kind and humble character to a character that is bitter and cold-hearted. The first meeting of Magwitch and Pip was set in Pips childhood, which meant that Magwitch had to check whether Pip understood him 'Now lookee here, you know what a file is?' However, in the second meeting, Pip was a much older and well educated character, so Magwitch could talk to Pip in full confidence that he understood what he was saying. In fact, Magwitch even presumes that Pips intelligence outstood his own 'And if they're in foreign languages I don't understand'.

Satis House reflects the corruption, decay, and fate of its owner. In the novel, the building is destroyed after its owner's death, but its fate varies in the better known dramatic adaptations. In the most famous film production of Great Expectations, the 1946 version, the building remains in its corrupted state to serve as a setting for the final scene. In the mini-series version of 1989, the estate survives until the last scene but is due to be torn down. It is described by Pip (the main character) in chapter 8. He notes the iron bars in the windows of the house; also including some detail on the boarded-up window. There is also a large brewery on the side of the house connected to the house by lanes and an open wooden gate.
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