Great Expectations- Miss Havisham

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Great Expectations (Prompt 2)
Miss Havisham is a wealthy, but odd old lady who lives secluded with her daughter Estella Havisham. Miss Havisham was left at the altar by her fiance and lives her life dwelling in the past, hung up on losing the love of her life. She wears her wedding dress (that is now yellowing from age) and has every clock in her estate stopped at the exact minute that she found out that the man she loved, left her. The reader will quickly notice that Miss Havisham is a bit of a “fruit cake” as she is often hostile towards men and seeks her vengence on them for the loss of her fiance. She also wears only one shoe, b/c she found out about her husband-to-be leaving before she was able to put the other on. Miss Havisham adopts Estella as her own (unable to move on from the break up, her only other option was to adopt) and raises her to hate men and uses her as a tool for her own revenge on the men of the world. This however hurts the relationship between Pip and her daughter Estella because she is unable to see that she is causing the same kind of pain that was inflicted upon her as Estella decides against being with Pip and leaves him for another man. In seeing this, Miss Havisham decides that she must beg for Pip’s forgiveness for causing more pain to another’s life in such a manner that she is able to relate to. Miss Havisham is a dynamic character in this book that changes her ways and realizes that other people are being hurt by her actions. After she is left at the altar, she becomes an insane, revenge driven woman on a mission to in a way hurt all men because of what was done to her (obviously why she decided to adopt a female). With this in mind, one can say that Miss Havisham is wrongfully stereotyping all men because of the actions of one. As the story progresses she realizes this and changes her actions. That is what makes Miss Havisham a dynamic character in “Great Expectations.”
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