Great expectations ch 1-7

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nettles - prickly plants aforesaid - previously mentioned briars - thorny plants wittles - [dialect] food weather-cock - a weather vane gibbet - a device used to hang people, gallows

l. How does Pip get his name? Where is he at the beginning of the story? Pip gets his name because his father’s name is Pirrip and his real name is Philip and when he was little he couldn’t say the name so he called himself Pip. At the beginning of the story he is at a marsh country down by the river.

2. Briefly describe the convict. What evidence is there that the convict has "human" qualities and is not merely a criminal? The convict is a fearful man all in coarse gray, with a great iron on his leg, no hat, with broken shoes, and had an old rag tied around his head. The evidence that supports that the convict has human qualities is he somewhat shows compassion when seeing Pip’s dead parents so he does not rob him he just scares Pip and asks him to do a favor.

3. Why do you think Pip believes the convict's story about his accomplice? I believe Pip believes the convict’s story because he scares Pip half to death and Pip is still young a naive and is genuinely afraid of the man and what is coming out of his mouth.

4. Find an example of dialect in the convict's dialogue which illustrates the way Dickens separates the upper from the lower classes by their speech patterns. An example of dialect used for lower class is “now lookee here” the lower class had more of a slang and didn't speak as educated as the upper class who talked like “Oh! don't cut my throat,sir.”

jack-towel- a towel hung on a roller connubial - relating to marriage trenchant - perceptive; vigorous freemasonry - a fellowship consternation - worry; paralyzing dismay remonstrance - protest boot-jack - a device used to hold a boot secure when taking the boot off imbrue - to soak accredited - credited with interlocutor - a speaker

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