Great Expectation

Topics: Great Expectations, Charles Dickens, Estella Havisham Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: February 18, 2014
Great Expectations Essay
In life, people’s interactions with others can have a large impact in ones character. In Great Expectations, Charles Dickens uses Miss Havisham and Magwitch as creators to show that society is not the best judge of character and that creators can have a large impact in ones life. Miss Havisham and Magwitch are both creators because they use children like Estella and Pip to do what they could never do themselves. Miss Havisham is a creator because she uses Estella to carry out her own plans. For example, Miss Havisham trains Estella to be cold and heartless and to seek revenge on the male race. Since Miss Havisham was dumped on her wedding day, she has always hated the male race. She trained Estella from infancy to be cruel and heartless to all boys. In addition, Miss Havisham’s actions did not only destroy Estella’s conscience, but also did not help her in her revenge at all. Estella does not want to be cruel, but if you are raised to only know what is wrong to be right, you cannot help it. After seeing Pips true love for Estella, Miss Havisham realized that what she did was wrong and it did not benefit her in the long run. And through Miss Havisham’s actions, we can see that Estella has no heart and cannot love someone deeply, even if she tried. But as we see in the book, Pip learns to love Estella as she is. As we can see, Miss Havisham’s actions not only destroyed Estella’s conscience, but also destroyed herself too. Magwitch is also a creator because he uses Pip to get his revenge against the upper class society and to repay Pip for his kind actions. Since Magwitch is a convict, he is not allowed into the upper class system even though he has money. However, Pip would be accepted, so Magwitch invests into Pip to prove to the upper class that even if he could not be accepted, then he could make someone that would be accepted by their standards. In addition, Magwitch also wanted to repay Pip for his kindness. Most people would probably...
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