Great Expectation

Topics: Great Expectations, Estella Havisham, Miss Havisham Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: December 21, 2012
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Pip’s great expectations can be treated as a dramatic exploration of human growth and fame that distort the value of an ordinary people and make him lose his original virtues . Pip,as a simple blacksmith’s boy , intends to challenge the social boundaries . Although His dream is just to be a common blacksmith at first, his dream has gradually changed since he goes to Miss Havisham’s house as a company. It’s quite inevitable that people change as the environment changes. Life in Miss Havisham’s family is so gentle and elegant and Estella is such a well-educated fair lady that attracts pip so much. So under the encouragement of Miss Havisham, Pip is determined to be a gentleman that matches perfectly with Estella. He firmly believes that Miss Havisham pins great hope on him, while she is just playing with him. He feels ashamed and disappointed when he realizes he actually has no means to change his common upbringing. However,some years later,he is given means mysteriously. He is told by Mr Jaggers that he will inherit a huge fortune after becoming a gentleman. It is something Pip considers as magic, though mysterious, as his sponsor’s identity is not to be revealed to him. Mr. Jaggers only imparts to him that his benefactor has great expectations from him . With the support of his anonymous provider, Pip’s expectations of himself rise again. This time he thinks he must have a great expectation. He shifts to London and gets education in Miss havisham’s relative’s house.He can not help suspecting that miss Havisham might be his anonymous sponsor.Meanwhile,he perseveres to visit Estella every week. During this period, he has produced many changes.He has been addicted to Estella’s beauty and deceived by Estella’s lies.He also becomes jealous of the rich man who is supposed to marry Estella. What’s more, he even feels ashamed to associate himself with Joe . He thinks what fits him in the past definitely does not fit him now. As an extraordinary gentleman...
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