Great Depression Essay

Topics: Unemployment, William Lyon Mackenzie King, Great Depression Pages: 4 (642 words) Published: April 15, 2013
The Government Didn’t Do Enough |The Government Did Enough | | |Common Knowledge |Common Knowledge | |William Lyon Mackenzie king |William Lyon Mackenzie King | |-wouldn’t give Conservative governments financial assistance |- | |-thought unemployment was seasonal | | |-wanted to balance the budget |Richard B. Bennett | |-king beats Bennett in the 1935 election (New Deal) |-helped out those who sent him letters | |-did nothing after winning election |-Bennett’s new deal | | |Health insurance, Unemployment insurance, Maximum work week, | |Richard B. Bennett |financial assistance to farmers | |-Raised Tariffs | | |-Unemployment reflex camps |Co-operative Common Wealth Federation (CCF) | |-Bennett blanket and buggy |-J.S. Woodsworth – Saskatchewan | | |-public own | |Co-operative Common Wealth Federation (CCF) |-increase social programs | |-J.S. Woodsworth – Saskatchewan |-government spend their way out of...
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