Great by Choice Paper

Topics: South Pole, Antarctica, North Pole Pages: 4 (1569 words) Published: April 13, 2012
Great by Choice
Reflection Paper
Alexis Taylor
Prairie View A&M University

“It's not that they thrive on chaos, but they can thrive in chaos and uncertainty.” -Jim Collins-
Many times entrepreneurs ask themselves, “Why my competitors are able to succeed and go through catastrophe after catastrophe yet my business is crashing? What makes that person better than me? Am I, not the chosen one?” Jim Collins and Morten T. Hansen answer these common questions and many more in their educating novel entitled, Great by Choice. One of the main characteristic of a great leader is being prepared for every trail and tribulation that may come while running a business. It is a true fact that every business go through some type of chaos whether it’s enormous or petite; therefore, business owners must be ready to handle chaos in order to maintain the business. It is a common saying that states, “It is easy to start a relationship, yet, it is hard to maintain it.” Although this statement relate to relationships, it also relates to owning a business. “It is easy to start a business, yet it is difficult to maintain a business.” Jim Collins identifies three core behaviors in his novel that enabled companies to become truly great over an extended period of time which will be discussed later in the paper. At the beginning of the novel, Collins asked his self, “Why do some companies thrive in uncertainty and chaos and others do not?” After interviewing successful business owners and studying ancient history of successful leaders, Collins was able to answer that question and his answer was,” It's not that they thrive on chaos, but they can thrive in chaos and uncertainty.” He created this illustration through a true story about two leaders name Amundsen and Scott: In October 1911, exactly 100 years ago, these two teams of explorers left the coast of Antarctica to try to be the first people in history to reach the South Pole. The Norwegian team, [led by] Amundsen, got to the...
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