Great Britain in the 1990’s.

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Political situation in Great Britain in the 1990’s.
As we all know, one of the significant features of British political system is its flexibility. Britain have unwritten Constitution, formal Bill of Rights and Supreme Court which works rests on precedents. It makes possibility for each government to make wide reforms and rearrangements in the way in which politics and government are conducted. There is no doubt that in years after Second World War Britain went through the great changes in its status and role in world politics. Economic decline, the loss of status of Empire, and the search for a new European identity have all been important themes in British political agenda sine 1945. But despite that fact situation in British administrations and governments has not changed dramatically. After Second World War Great Britain’s status and role have changed. Important themes of postwar Britain were deficit of identity, economic decline, changes in political system, different reforms, participation in EU and others. In 1990 John Major became for a new prime minister of Great Britain. Margaret Thatcher leaved office with “her consensus politics and willingness to override colleagues' opinions, including that of Cabinet, emboldened the backlash against her when it did occur” . John Major was prime minister of Great Britain from 1990 till 1997; also he was leader of British Conservative Party. During his time as Prime Minister, the world political situation had changed, because Cold War was ended. Also the European Union became as a very important organization for new democratic countries and Great Britain played one of the main roles in process of political transformation. In September of 1992 Black Wednesday’s crises have happened, when billions of pounds were wasted in a futile attempt to prop up the currency's value. After that economic crisis Great Britain dropped out Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM). In 1997 political situation changed in Great Britain and the...
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