Great Apes

Topics: Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Hominidae Pages: 1 (321 words) Published: December 12, 2006
Great Apes as Food

This article talks about the love for great apes meat in Central Africa. Although some religions forbidden ape meat as food but others like to consume the meat and they actually prefer it from the other meats. There are many reasons why central Africans like Consuming great apes as food other than the taste. In Some parts of central Africa people believe that eating Apes as food would bring strength and power that these great apes possess. Medicine plays a role in encouraging apes meat. Gorilla's hands are used by athletes to make them stronger. Also the gorillas flesh is used to cure backache. even though there is enough beef or pork meat in the region, the market for ape meat is still high and people actually pay much higher prices to get chimpanzee meat. Because of the founding of new hunting technologies the numbers of apes hunted are increasing every year . unfortunately because apes are so close to human they can transfer viruses easily, and many diseases are actually carried because of bushmeat. This article was fascinating. While I was reading, I got shocked and disgusted at the different ways you can cook a gorilla. But it makes sense to eat bushmeat when there is less protein available. One other thing I got shocked from was the price of bushmeat which was much higher than pork or beef. They value ape meats because of it's power and strength while we value beef or pork . It's also interesting to find out that the gorilla flesh and meat can be used to cure backaches, help with pregnancy, and give men strength. Also to know that humans and gorillas are 97.7 percent identical is just amazing. I know that everyone has their own preferences but I don't think I would ever try eating any gorilla meat anytime soon. I am sure of that.
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