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《高级英语写作(一)》2006-2007学年下学期期末考试试卷(A) 考核对象: 2004级全体学生 考试时间: 150分钟 班级: 学号: 姓名:

Part I Vocabulary (1%×10= 10%)

Directions: Beneath each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Please choose one that best interprets the underlined part. Please write your answers on the answer sheet.

1. There were cottages sprinkled around the shores.
A. scattered B. splattered C. splintered D. spread

2. Given falling birth rates, this future work force is small – all the more reason to worry about its poor quality. A. If we take into consideration the falling birth rates
B. If we supply the data of the falling birth rates
C. If we are given the falling birth rates
D. If we exclude the factor of falling birth rates

3.He paused and looked pensively at a sick lion in the cage. A. pitifully B. seriously C. tentatively D. thoughtfully

Part II Reading (20%)

1. Heading match (1%×5 = 5 %)

Directions: There are five paragraphs numbered 1-5 in Reading Passage 1. From the list below numbered A-H, choose a suitable heading for each paragraph. Write the corresponding letter in the space provided on the Answer Sheet.

List of headings
A. How is intellectual disability assessed?
B. What do people with an intellectual disability need?
C. What is intellectual disability?
D. How do people with an intellectual disability talk?
E. What are the forms of intellectual disability?
F. What causes intellectual disability?
G. How do you talk to a person with an intellectual disability? H. Which community-based intellectual disability services are available?

Passage 1

Intellectual Disability

Paragraph 1 __________________________
People with intellectual disability form one of the largest single disability groups in a community. Intellectual disability refers to a general slowness to learn and function within society, and the identification of intellectual disability is usually based on an assessment of a person’s performance in a variety of tests. An individual’s level of performance, as assessed, can change with time and circumstances. On occasions, an intellectually disabled person may perform better than at other times. Evidence for this inconsistent level of performance comes from modern research and practice which have shown that with skilled training and opportunity for development, people with intellectual disability have much greater potential for acquiring skills and for participation in community life than previously had been thought possible.

Paragraph 2__________________________
In many western societies, five categories of intellectual disability have traditionally been used in order to indicate the perceived degree of difficulty an individual has with learning. All five may occur in either children, adolescents or adults, and show as mild, moderate, severe, profound or multiple intellectual disability. However, undue reliance on such categories and the consequent ‘pigeonholing’ of individuals into one of the five categories can result in failure to provide the opportunities for each person to develop.

Paragraph 3__________________________
For the majority of intellectual disabilities, there is no identifiable cause but there are some causes that are well documented. They include: brain damage at birth due to lack of oxygen—prolonged labour during childbirth; brain damage before birth due to factors such as rubella, drug or diet-related problems; damage after birth due to illnesses such as encephalitis or accidents; hereditary defects in the genes; abnormal chromosome count resulting in, for example, Down Syndrome.

Paragraph 4___________________________
Like everyone else, people with an intellectual disability need a rewarding job, a satisfying place to live and a good social life. But they may need extra support to achieve these things. Good support services are based...
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