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By haileyalivia Mar 09, 2011 250 Words
Grease was a musical about teen love. The girl Sandy meets Danny at the beach and falls in love, and they never expect to see each other again. Although, they were both wrong because Sandy ends up going to Danny's school. The only problem is that Danny isn't the same as he was at the beach, because he's part of the T-Birds, and has to keep up his reputation. In the end, Sandy and Danny resolve their differences and end up happily together.

I saw this musical in 2008 with my mom, my siser, and my grandma on Broadway. Grease, allows teenagers to relate to the lives of teenage cliques of the 1950s. Also, Grease, proves that theater only has to show realism to show their messages. The show though itself was sort of lifeless and dull, it is built around a few decent, catchy songs. The language was insane, considering they used the word "f***" and my mom and grandma were embaressed for my little sister to hear that. A lot of the cast looks to old to be believed as high schoolers (Taylor Hicks). I also thought that the set design was really confussing, and probably just as well as the one at our highschool was. Danny and Sandy didn't really seem like they were in love. All in all I was kind of disappointed with this Broadway musical, considering it's supposed to knock your socks off, and this did not.

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