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PhysicsName _______________________
Phet Solar System Simulation LabDate ________ per _____ grp ____ Simulation open , play with sims , Physics, Motion , My solar System , Run Now 1. Start What shape is the orbit of the planet ? ________________________________________________

Why does the “sun” wobble ? _____________________________________________________________
What is this principle called in Physics (Chap 6) ______________________________________________ 2. Stop Reset Complete the table at the right
The SUN is body ___ , the Planet is body ___
Which variable is the planet’s initial radius? ___________ Which variable is the planet’s initial velocity? ___________ 3. Change the mass of the planet to 5
Start Explain what is different
4. Stop Reset Change planet mass to 2 Start Does the mass of the planet affects it’s own orbit? ________ 5. Stop Reset Still with planet mass 2 change velocity and describe each orbit shape in the table 6. Exploring Universal Gravitation The program was developed in Elbonia which is not on the metric system but it does follow Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation - G comes out a little different. *a. Write the equation for universal gravitation for a planet mass mp orbiting a sun ms at dist r *b. Write the circular motion equation for the planet

*c. Combine 1,2 and cancel to make an expression for G
d. Use your values from Step 5 above for a PERFECT Circle to solve for G in this simulation. 7a) Stop Reset Click Number of bodies 3 to add a planet WE will put planet 2 at TWICE the radius of planet 1

EDIT to match the first 3 lines in the table.
This time describe the orbit of planet 2 (body 3)
as TOO FAST or TOO SLOW for a perfect circle
7b) Find the exact...
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