Gravity Centrifugal Power Motor

Topics: Energy, Force, Mass Pages: 8 (2833 words) Published: April 28, 2002
At chapter Swing-Circuit-Motor (SCM) above, a design was worked out corresponding to build-up of a loop-swing. There, two axis were demanded (system- and excenter-axis) and two ´wheels´ did turn within each other. So this will be a rather difficult technical construction. By this chapter now shall be examined, how effect of building-up mechancal oscillations could be realized easier. So only one axis should be necessary , nevertheless masses should move like at uneven ´movement of pendulum´, above this phase shifting by intermediate storage of forces must be guaranteed. Pendulum with radial suspension

At previous chapter Mechanical Oscillating Circuit Harald Chmela did mention example of a pendulum with radially working spring, like schematically shown once more at picture EV SKM 31 upside. Around system axis (SA) a pendulum, here called rotor arm (RT, German Rotorträger), can swing. At the rotor arm effective mass (MP) can glide inside and outside. That radial movements are limited resp. controlled by a spring element (FE, German Federelement). Potential energy of level is transformed into kinetic energy at downward-phase, opposite energy of movement is re-transformed into energy of high level at upward-phase. In addition, power is stored into spring intermediately, so some later power is restored into pendulums oscillation. Mass will move at an U-shaped track. Mass will show maximum speed at its lowest point of track (A) and there will press down spring at its maximum. Following relaxation of spring will show analog relations of forces, based at symmetry, so this mechanical oscillation will be stable (no friction assumed). Effect of building-up oscillations can only be achieved, if symmetry is broken. This could be done e.g. as shown at picture EV SKM 31 downside. Asymmetric track

Tension of spring downside should have to be stored for a short time, e.g. any mechanicsm could allow relaxation of spring some later (B). Counter stored energy then would exist less forces (resulting force of gravity power and centrifugal power), showing upward more and more. Power of spring afterward could move mass easier and faster towards upward-inside (C). Angles speed thus will be accelerated and mass will be brought to higher level (D) than starting level. This mechanical oscillating circuit thus will be build-up without input of energy from outside. Progressive suspension

By this concept an asymmetric track is achieved. However, this pendulum swinging resp. effect of build-up oscillations is technically usable only if a momentum is achieved at a constant turning shaft. That´s why at picture EV SKM 32 again is shown a round turning (counter clockwise) loop-swing. Schematically there are drawn multistage spring elements, by which demanded delay of spring´s relaxation can be achieved. Around system axis (SA) is constantly turning the rotor arm (RT), here for example represented by twelve spokes. On these rotor arms effective masses (MP) can glide inwards and outwards. Inside and outside spring elements (FE) are installed, working in radial directions. These springs are doubled, each element existing of a long spring arranged within a shorter spring. Distances of movements of springs are marked by dotted resp. red circles. At 12-o´clock-position speed is low, so practically only gravity weights onto inner both springs, pressing these downward. At 11 o´clock reduced resulting force (of gravity power and centrifugal power) does allow some relaxation, nearby 10 o´clock inner-short spring will be relaxed. Until 9 o´clock inner-long spring will have moved mass to larger lever arm. There, mass will fall downward nearby vertically. Falling-curve however will be bended to right side by outer-long spring nearby 7 o´clock. Nearby 6 o´clock that outer-long spring will dip into outer-short spring, so now resulting force will weight on both springs. Finally at 5 o´clock a fix...
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