Graveyard Law in Pakistan

Topics: Graveyard, Cemetery, The Graveyard Book Pages: 3 (850 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Muhammad Adnan
MGMT 260 (Sec 1): Business Law
Prof. Anum Saleem
“What's the law pertaining to establishment and maintenance of grave yard in Pakistan? What legal remedy does one have if their private land is converted into a grave yard?" Punjab graveyards (preservation and maintenance) Act, 1958 will be applied on all matters pertaining to establishment and maintenance of graveyards in Punjab while the West Pakistan Graveyard (Preservation and Maintenance) Act, 1958 is applicable on the rest of Pakistan. As per the two acts, a committee will be constituted that will decide area of graveyard and encroachments and the rights possessed by encroachers, chalk up a scheme for graveyard and ensure maintenance and preservation of graveyard. The Government will be responsible for providing necessary funds to the committee, deciding exclusions from the area of graveyard and deciding penalties to be imposed on those found liable of non-compliance with the Graveyard act. A committee shall be appointed by Government for one or more graveyards consisting of a chairman and such number of official and non-official members as the government may specify. The committee will be a corporate body with the powers to acquire and hold property, to contract, to sue and be sued and to carry out any activities needed for fulfilling purposes of the Graveyard Ordinance. Committee will be paid annual contributions for the maintenance of graveyard. Government will have the power to dissolve the committee and transfer its assets and liabilities and entrust its functions to a local authority at any time. The area of the graveyard will be specified by the committee in accordance with settlement records. The committee is also required to investigate and report nature and extent of encroachments made and any compensation that may be made in case of removal of encroachments. A preliminary notification will be issued in his regard and final limits of the graveyard will not be...

Cited: “West Pakistan Graveyard (Preservation and Maintenance) Act 1958.” N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Feb. 2013.
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